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In other articles i show you some posible gta 5 cheats for health, body and weapons. Now it’s time to write something about gta 5 vehicle cheats.

I think that vehicles are the best feature of “Grand Theft Auto’s” saga. I enjoyed so much with first gta versions and now, simply, incredible. I never will tired of new gta releases. All of them are fantastic. Ok, ok let’s go with the cheats. In older gta versions there are cheats about spawn different cars, so i think in gta 5 will exist the same trick. Well, then i show you posible cheats:

  • Blow up all cars: What does this?, yeah, blow up all cars, there is no harder. I hope they include this cheat, it was very funny.
  • Invisible cars: Why not?.
  • Great handling vehicles: Great handling in all vehicles. Useful cheat for all these hard handling cars.
  • Flying cars: I love it!
  • Spawn a tank: Good protection when you become crazy with police.
  • Spawn specific vehicle: If you want any vehicle, this is your cheat.
  • All cars are pink/black/other color: LOL, so funny cheat.
  • Cars can drive on water: If cars can fly… why not dive and swim?
  • Big Wheels: Traffic is no longer a problem, now you can drive above this problems.
  • Boats can fly: We are not racist, if cars can, boats can.
  • Huge bunny hops on bicycles: Ouh yeah! It’s so funny.
  • Car becomes a transformer: I never see that cheat, but i want it!!!


I can not think more tricks, if you know or want to appear any more. Comment!

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