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Are you ready? yes?, ok. I discover that you can pre-order gta5. Maybe you don’t believe me, but it’s true!, from GTA5 cheats we are sure that Grand Theft Auto can be pre-ordered now!. You are nervous about try gta5 cheats, right?. Don’t worry, the first step is go to the Tesco Entertainment Online and pre-order gta5 now!. If you can’t find the links, you see it at links section.  [ Read More ]

This time I will write about miscellaneous GTA 5 cheats. In other articles I wrote about health, body, weapons and vehicle cheats for GTA5. So in this post I speak about miscellaneous GTA5 cheats. With this cheats you can do a lot of bizarre and funny things like pedestrians attack you or increase your money or that women follow you. Money Cheat: Increase money, obviously. Speed Up Time: Time’s speed  [ Read More ]

In other articles i show you some posible gta 5 cheats for health, body and weapons. Now it’s time to write something about gta 5 vehicle cheats. I think that vehicles are the best feature of “Grand Theft Auto’s” saga. I enjoyed so much with first gta versions and now, simply, incredible. I never will tired of new gta releases. All of them are fantastic. Ok, ok let’s go with  [ Read More ]

Something I forgot to comment on previous post is if in this time cheats will also be activated using your mobile phone or will be otherwise. I do not really mind it was in this way, but if rockstar add a touch of fun to the cheats, it would be great. For example for health gta 5 cheats, they could have that an ambulance came along yours to ”cure” or something. What do you think?, what could be done to improve gta 5 cheats?, comment comment! Now i going to write some body cheats  [ Read More ]

Ok, here we go with some posible cheats about Weapons. Maybe next GTA 5 cheats are more fun than its predecessor. We don’t know yet, but we publish the next list about posible GTA 5 cheats, so… something is something. If you have some contributions about this, please comment! Weapons cheats: Maybe with different tiers like GTA4 or maybe you can choose weapon that you like instead. ¿What do you  [ Read More ]